About Me

Hi and thanks for stopping by. I have always had an obsession with paint and these days, in particular, my obsession is with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint. I love taking an old, beat up or boring piece of furniture and giving it new life with some paint. It is really amazing how much a new coat of paint can change the entire feel of a piece of furniture.

I am the mom of a young lady named Savannah who will soon begin her journey into college!   As college approached, I suddenly realized I'd have the expense of a hefty tuition bill on my hands. YIKES!   Funny how it seemed like just yesterday I was thinking about starting a Gerber Baby College Fund, but college seemed a million years away. Well, a million years have passed and college is here!!!!  Many of us ask the question "how am I going to pay for this?" and that was certainly something constantly pondered. 

I have always loved painting.  Mind you, I couldn't draw a stick person to save my life, but faux finishes I always had a knack for.  I had learned years ago when a dear friend and faux painter took me under his wing and taught me tons of little tricks   Lately, I had been doing a bit of painting  for my own home and some friends/family. Most people's comments upon looking at a piece was always "You could totally sell that!!!!!".    So here I am!   I put my love of painting together with my love for my daughter Savannah and that's how "Savvy Susanne" came about.

Please check out some of my work and feel free to leave your comments! I'd love to hear from you!

You can contact me at SavvySusanne@aol.com or follow me on Facebook!